At Home

Homeowners and residents within the Bear Creek watershed and the Rogue Valley tend to take a lot of pride in their home, family, and communities. In the spring and summer you can spot gardeners in floppy-brimmed hats tending to beautiful gardens, watering their vegetables, or keeping up on home repair. Southern Oregonians, like most people, value a healthy environment, and would like to protect the health and safety of their families.

Some of the best conservation starts at home. There are many small things you can do to protect water quality and the health of your family, while maintaining a beautiful home. Even the simplest steps, like covering up garbage, or carefully recycling hazardous cleansers, can help protect creeks. Many of the things you do to keep your family healthy and save money, are also going to benefit our environment. In this section you will find easy things you can do at home, from planting a tree, to managing runoff at home, from picking up dog waste, to applying fertilizer correctly and reducing or eliminating pesticide use. Some of the simplest ways to help may require only a slight change in how you care for your yard and garden.

Water-catching Bioswale