Rogue Drinking Water Partnership

What is the Rogue Drinking Water Partnership?

The Rogue Drinking Water Partnership is a collaborative partnership of local drinking water providers and other interested organizations concerned with clean drinking water.

The overall goal of the RDWP is to protect sources of drinking water and maintain the high quality of drinking water in the Rogue River Basin.

Grants Pass’ Drinking Water Treatment Plant
Medford Water Commission’s Drinking Water Intake

Collaborative Members

Drinking Water Providers

Other Organizations

  • City of Ashland
  • City of Central Point
  • City of Eagle Point
  • City of Gold Hill
  • City of Grants Pass
  • City of Jacksonville
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Rogue River
  • City of Talent
  • Medford Water Commission
  • Anglers Cove/Shady Cove/Hiland Water Co.
  • Country View Mobile Home Estates
  • City of Cave Junction
  • City of Shady Cove
  • Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Rogue River Watershed Council
  • Rogue Valley Council of Governments
  • Rogue Valley Sewer Services

Action Plan

An Action Plan is being identified to identify short- and long-term high priority measures for protecting drinking water across the basin. The Action Plan will identify measures that:

  • Prevent, minimize, and mitigate activities that have known or potentially harmful impacts on drinking water quality,
  • Promote public awareness and stewardship of drinking water sources and healthy watersheds in collaboration with other stakeholders, and
  • Develop resources and financial support for RDWP Action Plan implementation.

Resources – Links, Reference Documents

Protecting Water Quality: Source to Tap